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I’m not ready….
I’m not ready for our first hellos.
Our first hugs and kisses.
For his voice to actually sound so crystal clear when he speaks.

For me to be able to touch his hands.
To be able to touch his face.
I’m not ready to fall in love,
Just to see him walk away.
I’m not ready to be so happy to see him
I’m not ready to feel like he’s truly mine
I’m not ready to dread every hour that passes
Because I know he’ll have to go back home after some time
I’m not ready to grow closer to him
I’m not ready for our first date
I’m not ready to wake up and realize that he’s sleeping in front of me.
I’m not ready for the, “I love you’s.”
I’m not ready to be missed
When he has to go back home.
And walks away after giving me a kiss.
I’m not ready to watch him leave.
I’m not ready for me to cry
As I feel completely empty
When he has to say, “Goodbye.”

(18 days until I see him)



(via survivedthedistance)

Your arms felt like home, and right now…I’m homeless. – (via youknow-me-not-my-story)
I’m still scared that you’re going to change your mind one day and realize I’m not what you want. – Midnight Thoughts (I just want this to work out)
Fuck you distance. FUCK. YOU. – via (youknow-me-not-my-story)
I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature. – Friedrich Nietzsche  (via deserted-streets)


Teacher: Sit down until the bell rings



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